CSU @ SH Day #2

CSU @ SH Day2 ‘15

Day one ended with the foundation of the gospel being shared.  The foundation is that the Bible itself is foundational, authoritative and inspired (God breathed).  Then it was break out for the players and each of them going with their assigned coaches for position meetings.  I am still amazed and the amount of work it takes for every minute detail that has to be covered.  After meetings it was back to the cabins and get rest for the anticipation of the dreaded coming day.

Day two began at 5:15 am with the coaches rolling out of bed with raised voices psyching each other up as they had to be on the players to be in the best shape of their lives.  Ralph drove them to the upper field in the complete dark so they could set up and be ready.  The players showed up early to stretch and get their bodies warmed up for the strain that was about to begin.  Next Coach Harper (we call his Sargent) blew his whistle and called the guys to attention… it was about to begin.  He shared with them that he hoped they came in shape because it is his responsibility to make sure this team is in better shape than any other team in the country, and he meant it.  The running, sprinting, running, sprinting, running and sprinting began.  Someone threw up which brought a smile to his face as he leaned over and, as if to comfort him said, “That’s it.  Let it all out.”

Immediately following morning practice came breakfast.  The atmosphere is much more subdued and smelly than the previous evening’s supper but the food is superb and plenteous.  If you ever wondered about Scioto Hills Camp food, it is second to none and no one goes away hungry.   This was our first morning to speak with the guys to set the tone for the thoughts of the day.  Ralph Lewis spoke this morning and he took the guys to the story of Gideon and what God did to show His power through very few men to accomplish His good will, purpose and mission.

Shortly after lunch, a young man learned his best friend had been killed.  He is devastated as you can imagine and I was able to spend a good deal of time with him.  The team is rallying around him but I might ask that you would pray that God would use even this to bring honor and glory to Himself at this time.  This young man’s name is Murphy.

Please read the next post… Day 2 extended


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