CSU @ SH day 1

Behind the wheels of our church’s full sized bus, a 15 passenger van pulling a good sized trailer and a rental car I will use for my trip to Illinois upon departure Thursday, we pulled up to the stadium, at 6:30 am with a strong cup of coffee and four doughnuts purchased by Don, where another bus and a sea of hesitant faces were staring at us.  The moment had come when those who were veterans knew where they were headed and the work that was about to be thrust upon them and those who were new had now heard the stories of torture by running, weightlifting and drills, had them literally frightened and it showed.

Being their second year, the coaches are more relaxed around us and it is obvious Don, Ralph and I are more a part of the system and inner circle of the staff.  They are such likable guys…until they hit the training field!!!

Today was light training and seeing where everyone is in their physical conditioning and although the drills were about quickness, agility and strength… it was not punishing.  The punishment begins tomorrow morning at 6:00 am and many have no idea what is about to be thrust upon them.

Tonight following fried chicken with Red Hot sprinkled on top, good mashed potatoes, green beans, corn bread and strawberry shortcake for desert I had the opportunity to speak to the team about our theme for the year, “MISSION.”  It was to set up that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, without error and indeed inspired (God breathed).  It is our mission to know God and to use His playbook, the Bible, and learn about the beginning and the end and what is expected in between.

Please pray for these guys:

That their general spirit would be open to us as chaplains

That the Holy Spirit would penetrate their heart, soul and mind

For unity of the team and that anything spiritual that takes place would impact the entire team

Health for these guys.  These early days are difficult when they are not in great shape.

DSC_3037 DSC_3181 DSC_3326


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