Happy Birthday Dad

A great weekend celebrating the birthday of my father, Gary Hanson.  80 years ago he was born and I might just say he has been every bit father to be imitated.  I guess like anything else, you don’t appreciate what you have until after you no longer have it.  That was most certainly my story … More Happy Birthday Dad

Quote of the Day

“I have become convinced that ‘Obama’ and ‘Care’ are an oxymoron.”  my friend Bob Cochrell I have many thoughts on Obama and his care.  But if you want to know what they are you’ll have to ask me personally because since I have used his name on this post, I know it is flagged by … More Quote of the Day

Holiday Thoughts

I wonder as a nation if we really know what we are thankful for.  I would like to hear the statements of citizens if they take the time to rehearse what they are thankful for.  It might be fun to listen to the prayers of Christians in our nation as they are about to give … More Holiday Thoughts