Essence of Gospel

Recently I had a book referred to me and also heard a speaker talk on the “Essence of the Gospel.”  Through the years I have read and heard many beliefs of the most important aspects of the gospel or in other words what is the most important piece, i.e. the virgin birth, the cross or … More Essence of Gospel

Challenging thoughts

Being in ministry for over twenty three years some might think they kind of have the answers to how “church” is accomplished.  To me it is rather exciting to be reminded that we have not arrived.  We don’t have all the answers.  Our world is changing around us and the question is not how are … More Challenging thoughts

Football Dinner

Update and Pray   (sorry this is long but I believe worth the read) As you know a major part of our ministry is with the CSU football program and we have made it a priority to host the team six times during the season for a meal at our church.  To make a long story … More Football Dinner