Mindful of the Times

I know the world is getting ready for Easter and what a day of celebration that will be.  Today however I find myself reflecting upon the agony Jesus was about to endure.  Knowing He will be going on trial soon and taking punishment meant for us.  I have literally stood in each of the places … More Mindful of the Times


It’s coming

Be on the lookout April 1st.  It is coming and we will see what God does the month of April.  If it happens, it will be big – not unheard of but for the Hanson’s, BIG!!  No Joke.

My prayer

Each morning for the last two years I have begun a habit.  During my time of prayer I end by asking the Lord to, “Direct my paths today and let me show up where You want me to show up and meet who You want me to meet.”   You know what?  I cannot believe … More My prayer

Beginning of the end

After taking the Dayton Demonz out to BW3’s to kick off our discipleship material, they begin their final playoff series this evening.  What a year it has been with their outstanding record and even more important to me is the fact that five of the players made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.  It … More Beginning of the end