CSU @ SH day #2 extended

This post is for our prayer warriors.


The day was the typical grueling football camp type of day with hard and torturous practices, team meetings, etc… until this evening.  After breakfast and supper we have the opportunity to speak to the entire team and staff about spiritual things.  This evening the lid came off!  After a mouth watering and incredible steak dinner with mashed potato’s, sweet corn on the cob and delicious banana cake, it was time for evening chapel.  I had a complete message to give but the Holy Spirit took it another direction and rocked the house.  I asked a question right off the bat, “What is God’s mission?”  After a little discussion a hand was raised with a question.  While answering that question two more hands popped up with other questions.  It ended up being an open Q and A time for roughly 45 minutes and I am supposed to have 15 – 20 minutes.  We covered questions of Lucifer being kicked out of heaven and what Satan is allowed to do today, to what sin is it that keeps a person from heaven, to what race was Jesus (we discovered many believe Jesus was black), to what does God look like, to what does it mean to be created in the image of God, to how to confess sin, to what is the difference between eternal and everlasting… and the list goes on.

There were some answers given this evening that have really shaken a good number of the guys and what they have been taught in the past and when confronted with the truth of scripture, well let’s just say people handle it different.  Some might be upset.  Others quiet but contemplating.  Others came up right away with followup questions. Some were right on board but nearly everyone is thinking about various things spoken about this evening.  In fact one offensive linemen came up to me and asked this question, “Is God fair?  If He is why is it people with my color skin always seem to get the raw end of the deal?”  That is a legitimate question and he was looking for a legitimate answer.  How would you answer this question and how would you infuse the gospel into your answer?

Would you please pray that through the power of the Holy Spirit their would be a spiritual awakening with these precious young men?  They are lovely in every way and this morning after taking one young man who lives in Cincinnati to be weighed, because a scale that weighs a 537 lbs person can only be found on a scale to weigh cattle down in these parts, this young man of 21 years of age said to me in the sweetest manner, “I have never heard anything about what you are talking about.  Now who is this man named Jesus?”

DSC_3344What an opportunity God has given us indeed.  Please pray for our time here as the gospel will be laid out plain and simple tomorrow evening and the young men will be given and opportunity to respond.  Will you pray?


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