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God is so faithful and we are excited for the work He allows us to participate in.  Please read this update…May (4)

Sharing the amazing story again from the Kenyan bush

Final Update to the church

Ujumbe (Mission) Kenya

In a Grace Baptist elders meeting this past week, Brian shared the story of Losikal being saved that I shared in the “Into the Bush, Part 2” post. They were so moved by the story that they asked Brian to share it in church this past Sunday.

Brian adds some great details to the story. As he said, these are things we only read about, or, in this case, hear about. Please take a few minutes to watch. And pray for this man’s discipleship and leadership in his homeland.

Brian Hanson Kenya Story (2016-03-20) from Grace Baptist Ch, Cedarville OH on Vimeo.

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Into the bush, Part 2

Into the “Bush” part II

Ujumbe (Mission) Kenya

There are memorable days, and there are unforgettable days.

Thursday was unforgettable.

I could jump right to the big ways we saw God move, but I won’t. Step by step seems to be the best way to tell this story. Why? Because our loving Lord moved in the little things all day, repeatedly reminded us that his ways are greater than ours, and put us on a collision course to see his grace and mercy change the life of a man and a village.

Hang on. The ride into the bush can be anxious and scary. But the peace that passes all understanding was flowing through our team, keeping us focused on the hope that we would eventually get to share the gospel.

The drive into the Pokot area of the bush was full of potholes, mud holes and dirt roads that bounced us like the most turbulent of flights…

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Into the Bush Part 1

Enjoy seeing what God did last week in the Bush of Kenya by going to this link…

GateKeepers to Kenya

Today is packing day as we gear up to fly to Kenya Friday morning on a trip that is destined to be filled not only with adventure but with the Good News of Jesus Christ on the tip our  lips.  If you would like to follow us on our journey please go to for updates along the way.  We will share what God has been doing but also have prayer requests to specifically pray along the way. Here is how the posting will go, we will be travelling the better part of two days so we do not land in Kenya till Saturday evening and Sunday morning we are up and on the go early.  I would anticipate having a post at some point Sunday but the other thing we have to be mindful of is that we can only post where there is WiFi and on this trip there will be at least three days we are in the bush where the only thing available will be zebra, monkeys and green mambas (snakes) as we travel from village to village showing the Jesus video and sharing the gospel.  The first link is already posted, so take a look and then check back often to stay informed.
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