Let it Rain

The Showers of blessing continue to storm in.  Received a phone call last night informing us that another church has joined us in our endeavor to raise support.  Had a person drop off a commitment card at the house yesterday.  I see that the church I grew up in has put money in our account yesterday so I … More Let it Rain

Boston Tragedy

My heart goes out to the people in Boston. Not only to the families who lost loved ones but also the injured and maimed. Emotions roll from “Not again” to “Anger.” Trying to make sense of it all. It seems these types of attacks, along with shootings, are occurring all too often. I try to … More Boston Tragedy

Yesterday Mandi and I were moved in spirit when an elderly woman that we know called us.  She lost her husband a few years ago and she is one that lives extremely frugally out of necessity.  She has nothing to spare.  Well, she called to say she wants to support us and all she can … More