Feeling Nostalgic

After travelling to Geneseo Illinois yesterday, I now prepare to speak at the two places that have been most influential in my life, especially as a teenager.  God use the people of Faith Baptist Church, my home church from 5th grade through high school, to befriend me, teach into me, encourage me and help me grow into the man I am today.  He also used another place to mold me and that place was Camp Manitoumi.  Today I travel down to camp to speak from the same platform that I heard so many other Godly men speak from as a young person.  I am humbled and privileged to return to the place of so many childhood and young adult memories, experiences and the place where God grabbed my life and where I released everything I am and have to Him.  I am truly looking forward to this short adventure and ask that God uses me in others lives that same way He used others in my life.  Let’s roll!!


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