CSU @ SH day 3 Update

Well, so many have been praying for this week with the football team and the potential spiritual impact that would be made.  This is the update and what God has been doing today and most specifically this evening.

Pastor Brian speaking
Pastor Brian speaking

We just finished evening chapel and after the stirring of the Spirit among so many last evening and having been a little nervous about if we had gone to far to fast, God has listened to the prayers of his people.  I was able to tell the gospel from the beginning looking back to Genesis 3 and bringing it full circle with closure in the book of Romans and most specifically chapter 10.  The Lord stirred in several hearts and minds and we praise the Lord for the six young men that followed us out of the chapel and after further explanation from Ralph Lewis, they were waiting with expectant hearts to give their lives to Jesus Christ.  You have to know that we don’t do any emotional build up.  There is no music.  There is no yelling and hollering but rather just a flat out, straight up presentation of the gospel telling of the consequences of sin and the free gift of heaven.  We just ask if any are willing to man up and make the call and stand in front of their peers.  Praise the Lord for the six that made a public profession of faith and please continue to pray.  Please pray for these men but also pray for others whose curiosity has been peeked and for other conversations that took place, are taking place and will be taking place in the future that others would also have a sincere desire to give their lives to Christ also.  God bless from Scioto Hill and we head home late tomorrow morning.  As they say down here; “To God be the Glory!”


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