Thanksgiving to Remember

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday I have enjoyed very much.  Not only did I enjoy them while living at home as a child but I remember coming home from college, knowing my family would all be home and of course the food that screams, “You are home.”  Then marrying into Mandi’s family and learning all new traditions and some new food.  Oh, and Mandi’s mother always tries to give me a taste of home in that she makes my mandarin salad and pecan pie.  Two things that Thanksgiving Dinner just would not be the same without.  The last couple years we have developed a new tradition of cooking the turkey in the fryer (this year I made a total mess by filling the fryer with oil, turning on the burner and going to Nan’s to prepare the turkey, only to have Mandi come yelling for me that oil was running all over everything – I had left the drain open).  We always enjoy having friends over for dinner.  I don’t remember the last time we had Thanksgiving with just our family and this year was no exception.  Wednesday night at 7:30 pm I received a call from one of the Wilberforce basketball players saying that a few of them had nowhere to go for Thanksgiving and wanted to know if our place might be a possibility.  We said sure to the number of probably four but not more than six.  Mandi is such a trooper as she saw seven come walking through the door.  We loved it and God always makes the food go far enough.  We had plenty.  Just another to remember.


One thought on “Thanksgiving to Remember

  1. Brian and Mandi,

    That many boys with so late notice. That reminds me of the widow and the oil. It never ran out. And God saw that you did not run out of food with 7 extra big boys to feed. He is good. All the time.


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