Big Dinner Traction

Oh it was a big dinner all right!  The big amount of premium roast beef that nearly melted in your mouth.  The healthy serving of mashed potatoes with the delicious brown gravy sprinkled on anything you wanted.  The green bean casserole was simply something that made your taste buds burst with joy and the cheesecake… Ooh the cheese cake covered with cherries or caramel – your choice.   But the ‘big’ I was referring to was not about the food as much as it was some of the Central State University football players as they came to the church for their awards banquet.  So much fun to watch as the entire offensive line received the “Most Valuable Offensive Player” award.  One of the young men in our Bible study received the Most Valuable Player award.  Coach Junior was so generous in expressing his thanks to Don and I working with the team and our entire church for our investment in their program.  It was a great evening and will again continue to blow the doors open for the ministries we desire to be used in.  Hey, who says ministry cannot be taste?  Thanks Grace Baptist for your involvement and others along the way who also helped with the expenses of these meals.  To God be the glory!!


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