Follow along with the 25 Days of Advent

Please keep up with our series of short videos, “The 25 Days of Advent,” as we prepare for Christmas. I’m posting the first four days here. The videos are also linked on our Facebook page. Please share these with friends on Facebook, through email, etc. I’ll be back with a new video every day through Christmas Day.

Day 1: Join me for the next 25 days as he unfolds the story and the hope of the coming of the messiah.

Day 2: Anticipation is one of the great things about Christmas morning. In Jesus’ day, Israel anticipated the coming of the messiah for a much greater reason than the reason we look forward to opening gifts.

Day 3: When sin entered the world, hopelessness entered man. This made us opposed to God. That’s why we need the hope of the messiah. 

Day 4: When David battled Goliath he did so knowing his hope in God was all he needed. Who is your hope in as you think about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas?


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