CSU @ Scioto Hills Day 2 ’17

Breakfast at 6:30am? That’s right! This is no camp for the weary or faint of heart. This is a camp for the bold and the relentless. This is a place were boys are chiseled into men physically, emotionally, and mentally. Not everyone has what it takes and today was another building day.

Breakfast was delicious as usual and ended with a talk from the book of Job. Speaking of talking to people like men, that is exactly what God did when he said to Job at the end of the book, “will ask you questions and you answer me like a man, if you can…” And then He goes on to describe Himself in the most amazing of terms. (If you are interested in knowing more, read Job 38).

Practice was amazing and they have very decent talent. A quarterback who can throw, run and run over. That is called a triple threat!

After supper, one of the assistant coaches shared his testimony and the guys drank in every spoken word. Again, God is using His own to reach those He desires.

Thursday will be our last full day and pray as the gospel is shared that we would see a number of young men give their lives to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


One thought on “CSU @ Scioto Hills Day 2 ’17

  1. I thank God for your ministry, and devotion to reaching others for Christ and also striving to help them. May God give you strength, joy, and encouragement as your days together continue! Love you, guy! Hang in there!

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