Scripture states a simple truth and that is this, “Our days are numbered.”

I went to visit a good, kind and gentle man yesterday who recently entered hospice care. He was just lying there in his bed and was able to recognize the two of us who had come to visit. Whether is recognized us I do not know but he was able to converse with us with a weak voice as one at the end of life.

In this setting it is oh so easy to reflect a little, knowing that although we may have many years left till we are in that sad and tired state (and perhaps not), we still must be aware that our days are numbered and finality comes to us all. At the end of life will we be able to look back at our cumulitive lifetime and evaluate it? I do not know but I do know that scripture tells us God is keeping record and that one day as we stand before the judgement seat of the Lamb, our words, thoughts and deeds will all be placed upon an alter and burned. Our words, thoughts and deeds that had no eternal value will be burned and go up in flames like wood, hay or stubble – absolutely of no eternal value. On the other hand, our words, thoughts and deeds that did have eternal value will prevail through the fire as gold, silver or precious stones.

With this knowledge and knowing that our lifetime of achievements will indeed be evaluated by the One greater than us, where do we begin? Begin with this question:

What Good Shall I Do Today?


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