Another early morning and up to the field for practice. Nothing new just another day of torture for those sore from the day before. Some arrive in shape and ready for anything thrown their direction although no matter how in shape they may have been, they were still challenged physically, mentally and this entire week – spiritually.
Please allow me to jump right into the enormous highlight of the day. This evening we picked up right where we left off last night as we ran out of time answering all the questions the guys had (and we had two guys come to accept Christ after that time). Tonight the questions began with this, “Can you tell us what the rapture is?” Wow, what an opportunity to share the gospel for all those who will be participating in the rapture. The questions went on and on but we were able to land on a familiar question and that question is this; “What have you done with Jesus?”
I did the only thing I know to do and that is this… I asked them to bow their heads so they would politely not look at the decisions of others. I asked if any would be man enough to put their pride aside and commit their lives to Jesus, asking Him to forgive them of their sins and to give their lives completely to Him. A sight transpired that I never tire of seeing and that is the sight of hands going up all over the room. I stood in silence and looked at the head coach asking if I could have time to meet with the guys and he just waved to me to take all the time we needed. I asked if those who raised their hands would join me on the porch overlooking the quiet and calm lake. Folks, fourteen student athletes followed Don Callan and me to that porch and after talking for several minutes and sharing some of their life’s stories (and they are deep and scared) they professed Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. What a sight for weary eyes and hearts. Is there possibly any better medicine?
Thank you for your prayers and your constant commitment to our ministry. Every beat of my heart simply cries out this statement; TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!


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