The alarm went off at 5:30am after an already restless nights sleep, but hey who cares because this alarm not only meant it was time to rise but that in our lives, it is the first day of football season – Yea!!!

Few of us met at the church to rally the vehicles that were to be used, prayed together before we began the day and then rolled down the road to CSU football facility. The guys had already eaten breakfast and they were ready to board when we pulled up – that was a first. But then things started to slow a bit as we waited over an hour for things that always pop up. Guys were being told they were ineligible for one reason or another and the coaches were working the phones fighting for their guys. It was a major time of stress for the coaches but as you can imagine for a number of the players as well.

Then comes the trip. A bus that is slowed to the maximum speed of about 60 on the straightaways, allows for more sightseeing and contemplation. With nearly 40 freshman and transfers, the stories of opening training camp at Scioto Hills Camp are legendary and as we hit the Appalachian mountains the eyes widen with fear and anticipation as the upper classmen know what is coming and what to expect. It almost seems humorously cruel.

The first day of practice was a success and their seems to be good talent on this team and believe me when I tell you the coaches know how to coach them up. There was a lot of sweat, not many tears, overheating and yelling taking place on the practice field, everything that screams “FOOTBALL!”

Then came a mouthwateringly delicious meal consisting of all you can eat fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beens, corn bread and strawberry shortcake (try to beat the meals at Scioto Hills Camp – a dare you) and the chapel time that followed.

The theme for our season is “Start Again.” In every situation of life it is important to know that it is not necessarily how bad we mess up, but how we respond after we mess up. With God, as in football, we can always start again because of His grace. The young men were attentive and interested in the talk and all I can tell you is we are off to a tremendous beginning of a four day week. To God be the Glory!

Tomorrow are two important times to pray:

1. Coach Don Callan speaks after breakfast, around 9:30am. Pray for Don to clarity of mind and speech and that they guys would be open to his teaching.

2. Tomorrow evening after supper will be our evening chapel time, around 7:00pm and I am trying something completely new with these guys. I am having a Q & A session with them and they are allowed to ask me anything they want about God, the Bible or life. I have done this with younger kids before but never attentive college student. I always try to direct the answers back to Christ but I would covet your prayers.

We will talk tomorrow and don’t forget if you would like to follow us on various tech sites you can go to:

Facebook: Gatekeepers
Blog: http://www.gatekeepersministries.com
Instagram: Gate_Keepers
Video: Periscope at cbjchaplain

All for One and One for all,

Brian Hanson


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