Into the bush, Part 2

Into the “Bush” part II

Ujumbe (Mission) Kenya

There are memorable days, and there are unforgettable days.

Thursday was unforgettable.

I could jump right to the big ways we saw God move, but I won’t. Step by step seems to be the best way to tell this story. Why? Because our loving Lord moved in the little things all day, repeatedly reminded us that his ways are greater than ours, and put us on a collision course to see his grace and mercy change the life of a man and a village.

Hang on. The ride into the bush can be anxious and scary. But the peace that passes all understanding was flowing through our team, keeping us focused on the hope that we would eventually get to share the gospel.

The drive into the Pokot area of the bush was full of potholes, mud holes and dirt roads that bounced us like the most turbulent of flights…

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