But They Weren’t On the Agenda

Isn’t it funny how we define success?  Often times we make our schedules and are just so certain we need to accomplish certain things or see certain people that if our agenda does not work out as we originally intended, we are discouraged and our goals or objectives were not met.  Take today for example:

Don and I went to the Nationwide Arena to meet with one of the players.  As it ended up, that player was not able to meet with us today so it was a wasted trip, right?  Well, maybe not a wasted trip after all.  Is it a wasted trip if we have significant conversations with three security officers we have been building relationships with for quite some time?  One officer is having significant health issues and we pray with her nearly every time we go.  We have met and prayed for her husband who was out of work and God answered prayer by supplying a job, right there at the arena.  To God be the glory!  I wonder if it was wasted as we handed out copies of Cedarville Universities latest magazine that Jeff Beste gave us plenty of copies to hand out since there was a significant article written about one of my ministry partners, Don Callan, and his influence on others.  We were handing them out like candy to people we work with and you should have seen their eyes light up!  Yes, even the TV commentators with whom we have built relationships, were appreciative and very interested in the article and the man behind the article.  Yep, the assistant coach who is a believer said he would read it to put himself to sleep tonight (his way of saying, “I love you guys”).

I wonder if our agenda is always God’s agenda.  This I know, all these people were not on our agenda but it seems to be God has a way of directing our paths in ways we cannot plan.  The secret is, I like God’s agenda better than my own agenda anyway.  It is a lot more fun.


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