Never Look Good

We live our lives trying to climb to the top of the proverbial ladder.  We are never really sure where that is but nonetheless we strive for it.  In fact, in college, when I worked for a large, worldwide company that drives big brown trucks from house to house or business to business, they would blatantly tell us that if we wanted to reach the top we must step on the person in front of us.  That theory did not create a sense of team work or ‘we’re in this thing together’ mentality.

In life, as a man, many desire to be leaders and believe the way to be a leader is to be the one standing in front giving vision, assumptions and direction only to realize those who have the ‘up front’ place is many times the one who is despised and who takes the brunt of jokes or an excuse for all that is wrong in an organization.  So what ensues is talking about the person behind their back and putting them down with the assumption it will make us look better.

I just read a post from a friend and it struck a cord in my mind…  “You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.”  It goes against our natural tendencies but how true it is.  You want to look bitter?  Put someone else down.  You want to look jealous?  Put someone else down.  You want to look small?  Put someone else down.  Want to look weak?  Put someone else down.

Just my thought for the day.


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