Gatekeepers Update

Less than a week before we leave for the Philippines.  All our funds are in for our participants (or they soon will be).  The project funds are covered provided they do not inflate much in cost upon arrival.  We have a great team put together and one of the men that are going, Jeff Gilbert, I have asked to document the trip and keep you updated on our progress as we have wi fi to be able to upload and send posts.  Remember though that we are going to be remote so if you do not see an update every day, it is because we do not have access to internet at that location.  Please go to for our first post which has prayer requests for this trip and shares where we are and what we will be doing.   This is where to follow us on this trip as we leave Monday.   The next time you hear from me will be on the blog and I look forward to seeing you there.

All for One and One for all,

Brian Hanson


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