Victory for Prayer

A major decision was just handed down from the United States Supreme Court.  The court upholds the practice of private prayer before town meetings.  The decision was 5 – 4 in favor of upholding this practice.

Obviously this was a major victory for every public forum too in that town, state and federal meetings may continue the practice of opening their forums with prayer, that anyone may attend or if they so choose, not attend. 

It also had implications for my ministry at the Ohio Statehouse which has had this practice for many years in that they open all their sessions with prayer.  Having already dealt with the issue of praying in Jesus name, this was an even bigger trigger point that would have taken us a drastic step further from being a nation under God and would have had implications far beyond what I could even imagine.

In seeing our nation slide a slippery slope away from away from our founding principles, this is a victory to stand upon but do not for a moment believe the fight is over.  In fact it is just heating up and they will come again from another angle.

So is it a victory?  Yes.  But now is not the time to rest.  Now is the time to charge and get in the game.  Be a Gamechanger!


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