A hurtin’

We showed up last night for a Bible study with the football team and there was only one athlete in attendance.  So as to not make him feel like we were ganging up on him I suggested we go grab and ice cream somewhere and it was agreed upon by Don, Jordan and myself.  Then, after assuming no one else was going to show up, we heard voices enter the building and begin entering the stairwell leading to our meeting room.  Sure enough, four more came walking through the door.  So now there is seven of us all together but I thought to myself, I happen to be driving our mini van tonight which holds seven people (of average size) so we can still make this work, not wanting to disappoint Don and Jordan from our earlier ice cream conversation.  So I told them we were going to get ice cream and hearing no objections… off we went.  After throwing our back packs in the rear of the van we started off only to receive a call from another young man wondering where we were.  Well we threw him in somewhere also and now my seven passenger van (for average size people) was now holding eight.  I should have gotten a picture but let’s just say we put ‘a hurtin’ on the van last night.

We told them though, that we were going to get fried ice cream at a Mexican restaurant and we would open the Word as we were eating.  Being fine with that, it is just what we did and boy did we ever have a conversation after reading about Ananias and Saphira from Acts 5 and asking if we live our lives as though God is real.  The subject matter turned very personal and we spoke about subject matter, right in the middle of that restaurant, that would have made some blush… but they laid it all out there and spoke of issues they were dealing with and wondering how to overcome these struggle (everything from swearing to much, much more).

After we dropped them back off at their dorms, Don and I said to each other, “Just as it starts getting so good – it is almost time to send them off.”  Our hearts are saddened.  We desire to give them tools to help keep them on track during the summer while gone.  You know, I have an idea but need someone willing to write short devotions implemented with scripture, that can be looked at every day on an i phone…  Anyone interested in my idea or helping put it together?

God is just so good and my van was glad to have ‘a hurtin’.


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