Add Another Brother

We started the Bible study by showing the video of our trip to the Philippines and the devastation that had occurred and then asked them this question: “So if you had the opportunity to say a word of encouragement to the Philippino’s in this storm, what would you say?”  This led to a discussion of what is the absolutely truest and most important thing in the whole world and we went over the gospel two or three different times.  At the end we asked the question we always ask, “What have you done with Jesus?”  One young man came to us as we ended our session and asked us how to pray.  After talking a little bit I asked him if he had a relationship with Christ.  He said he thought so and so I asked him to tell us about that.  He shared that he had been hurt in high school and wasn’t able to play and he asked God to heal him and he has been playing ever since.  I said, “You know, God can hear and answer any prayer He chooses and I can tell you believe in God, but the question is have you ever asked Jesus to come into your life and forgive you of your sins.”  His answer was “no.”  So after making sure he understood the gospel we asked if now was the time for him to give his life to Christ and with tears streaming down his cheeks, Alvin said, “Yes” and prayed to receive Christ as his Savior and he gave his life away… to Jesus.


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