Happy Birthday Dad

A great weekend celebrating the birthday of my father, Gary Hanson.  80 years ago he was born and I might just say he has been every bit father to be imitated.  I guess like anything else, you don’t appreciate what you have until after you no longer have it.  That was most certainly my story as a youth or teenager as well as I wanted my freedom and had no desire to have authority over me.  I will tell you though that I consider my father to be one of the wisest men I know.  As far as common sense goes – he received the highest dosage.  If you are looking for patience, take a good look at my father.  Someone who has lived what they believe (for as long as I can remember), I have no knowledge of him not living according beliefs and convictions.  Want to see someone who is a doer and has no lazy bone in his body?  Give dad a paint brush, saw, hammer or something to work on a car and watch him go to work.  He is not the worlds best conversationalist in that he will just sit down and shoot the breeze without anything really to say, but on the other hand you do want to hear what he has to say.  Well, a book could be written on my thoughts about dad but I will just suffice it to say, “Happy Birthday Dad.”  Had a great weekend with you and mom and all the folks at Maranatha Baptist Church.


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