10 days of Training

Mandi and I are just back from 10 days of intense training in Harrisburg, PA at ABWE headquarters.  This was our final training before being able to be cleared for our ministry full time by our mission agency.  We are not quite done with our support raising but there there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel and everyone at the training these past 10 days had to meet the 85% of their support criteria.  I may talk more of the training later but I want to share with you something else that truly stood out to Mandi and me.  We have had the fortune of connecting with absolutely incredible people during this process.  People who were in our classes and are getting ready to head to the great adventure God has called them to.  People who are young and just getting started to people who have had lucrative careers and are walking away from them.  After going through training on what to do if you are kidnapped, abducted, robbed or jumped and raped – I looked around the room to see the faces of those going to places where the likelihood of these types of things happening to them is far greater than here in North America.  I saw no fear.  There was no hesitation.  No one said, “Maybe we should rethink this whole thing.”  I saw steadfastness from people who are just like you are me.  They are fun people who are also accomplished in their careers.  They are intelligent and many of their peers question why they are giving up the ‘dream life’ and jobs.  They are people who don’t feel like they are giving up anything but are preparing for the great adventure of the unknown.  Their names are just like yours and mine: Steve, Katrina, Tyler, Sarah, Jared, Naldy, Giles, Jennifer, Bill, Chris, Bethany, Curt, Jason, Kristine, Ryan, Gretchen, Becky, Mark and more.  

I count it an honor, in the deepest sense of the word to know them, be associated with them and call them my friends.  Yep, they sensed the call and they answered the call.  I say to them, “Go with all your heart toward the ministry God has called you to.  We have seen His incredible hand already on our lives and now He will sustain you as you run your race.  May your race be good.  May also be hard and difficult because nothing worth doing is every easy.  We love you and support you and count it and esteemed honor to be your coworkers around this great globe.  Now go fight your good fight and we will have all eternity to tell ‘God stories.'”  Be blessed!


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