Fight For Faith


Recently you may have recognized what seems to be a barrage of attacks on Christianity.  When I say recently, it has been going on for several years but it seems as if these last few years has escalated what many people have been trying to say all along – we are losing our abilities to freely practice what we believe.  It wasn’t long ago San Antonio made minor news by voting that no City Council person could be Christian because their views are to narrow.  We have the Ten Commandments being taken off our schools walls, not because the courts have necessarily demanded it but because the legal costs against the ACLU are simply too expensive to litigate.  We are being forced to accept the actions of people we believe are contrary to the Bible (sin) and if the church disciplines the wrong person out of membership with the desire for them to see the bonds of love they willingly left behind, the church can be in real legal hardships.

As many of you know a number of years ago I was asked if I would refrain from praying in Jesus name at our State Capital in Ohio.  While that had a good outcome at the time, other states have not been as fortunate.  Now we come to this week, Wednesday specifically, when the United States Supreme Court decides the legality of legislation around our country, i.e. city, county, state or federal…  as to whether prayer prior to legislative meetings violates the Separation of Church and State.    This is a serious matter and although we as the church have stood by and watched with silence our freedoms erode, I am wondering when we start to stand and say to the gates of hell, “This far you may come but no farther!”  If we won’t stand, will we at least pray?


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