“What is God Doing”

Don and I went to Wilberforce again for our Bible study with the men’s and women’s basketball teams.  For whatever reason there was a smaller turnout than typical but the study was excellent as we are using abwe’s material “The Story of Hope.”  At the we talked about King David and how the Messiah was coming through his line and then we spoke about the prophets.  They had never read literal prophecy before so we took them to Isaiah and Micah where it foretells the birth of Christ so specifically it cannot be denied and the death of Christ so to the point that it talks as if it already happened but it was written hundreds of years before his death.  Uncanny.  They were asking questions and hinging on every spoken word and at the end one of the young men said, “I just can’t wait to hear what is next!”  They are soaking it up to say the least.  

Making our way out of the gym as we walked by all the pick up basketball games on the courts and cheerleaders practicing, we walked out into the large foyer were the dance team was practicing.  Two young ladies came up to us and said, “Are you the ones doing the Bible studies are hear so much about?”  A little taken back and kind of shrugging our shoulders they asked why we wouldn’t do a Bible study with them!  Still kind of speechless from having two lovely gals stand there waiting for an answer I said, “Well, we would have to have the permission of your coach… I guess.”  Without hesitation she called her coach over and said, “These are the gentleman doing the Bible studies here on campus.  Why can’t we have a Bible study like the players?”  To which the coach looked at Don and I and said, “When can you meet?  Anytime you can meet they will make the time.”  To make a long story short we are going to begin meeting with them an hour before we meet with the bball teams and Mandi is going to come with us..  

We got to the car and Don stops and looks at me and says, “What in the world is going on?!”  I’ll tell you what is going on, God just keeps opening the doors.  Praise the Lord we might be chaplains of ‘The Dance Team’… sssshhhhh  🙂


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