Football Dinner

Update and Pray   (sorry this is long but I believe worth the read)

As you know a major part of our ministry is with the CSU football program and we have made it a priority to host the team six times during the season for a meal at our church.  To make a long story short, we had another meal last night and right off the bat they said the entire athletic dept. is still talking about our etiquette dinner two weeks ago.  That helped lay the foundation for last night’s dinner and spiritual talk afterwards.  For those in attendance, they can verify that we went straight to the heart.  I asked what it meant to be saved.  We talked about hell and that our sin nature was dragging us there.  We need to have those sins removed and that God provided a Savior to ‘save’ us from our sins.  This is shortened version but I asked the guys if anyone would like to ask Jesus into their lives.  I didn’t ask them to bow their heads but to simply ‘Man Up’ if they would so choose.  It was a serious time.  Every eye was on me intently and although I saw something their eyes, no one raised their hand.  Coach Callan closed in prayer and immediately one young man came up to us and said that he needed that talk and that although he had already given his life to Christ – it energized his spirit. 

Then onto the bus and because or normal bus driver was unable to drive last evening,  I was driving them back to campus, which is usually a rowdy drive.  Not this time.  Half way there one of the ‘large,’ muscle bound linemen says in the quietness of the moment, “So Pastor Brian.  I have a question about what you spoke about….”  They kept asking questions and I kept trying to answer them as I was driving.  I pulled in front of the stadium to drop them off but no one got out.  They had more questions.  After several more minutes and explaining the gospel again and again, one young man said, “This is all new to me.  I don’t exactly understand it all but something is going on inside me that I have never felt and I can’t explain,” with tears rolling down his face.  That was the sentiment of the majority of the other guys as well.  I shared with them that was God working in their lives showing them the truth of what Jesus, His Son, had done for them.  The question is (what I always end with) “What have you done with Jesus”? 

No one made a decision but several asked if they could come to church with us Sunday.  Of course the happy answer was yes and the guys walked off the bus one by one giving me a hug with tears rolling down their cheeks and one young man said, as he was walking down the steps and turned to look back at me, “I don’t know what is going on with me.  I’ve never felt this alive and torn at the same time!”


  1.  That the Holy Spirit would work in their lives and draw them to Himself.
  2. This is homecoming weekend for CSU and that means major parties.  The guys will be drawn to these parties Saturday night and will drag on them for Sunday morning.  You cannot imagine the pull that is going to take place on their sinful and natural desires.  Please just pray!

One thought on “Football Dinner

  1. What a blessing to see the Holy Spirit, working through your efforts, that of Grace too, and working in these young lives. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

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