Reaching out is Essential

Many years ago in a Sunday School class I asked a group of adults how many had shared their faith that week?  After a silent response I asked how many had shared their faith with an unbeliever that month?  Again silence.  Next I inquired about the previous year to which someone finally responded that they had lived out their faith among their co-workers and thought that would be enough to which many responded by shaking their heads in agreement.  

While living our lives as an example is truly essential, it is simply not enough.  We need to be intentional in the way we live our lives and the relationships we are building.  Christians have great intentions and truly rejoice when someone gives their life to Christ but it seems to be happening far to seldom with lots of time in between.  How many of us can say we have been on the front lines and cultivated a relationship with someone for the specific purpose of sharing with them the good news that Jesus Christ died on a cross for their sins to be covered?  

“We don’t have time.”  That is true.  “We don’t have the resources.”  Don’t want to use that one when I answer before Christ in heaven.  “We don’t have anything in common with the people we are around.”  Then change your ‘common’ circumstances.  “There are no unbelievers in our community.”  Really?  Then pray and ask God to show you a context where you can share your faith.  He will answer.

Folks, I am starting to believe our time is short.  Very short indeed.  I don’t believe we can rest on the fact that “at least we live in the greatest country in the world with all its freedoms.”  They seem to be coming to an end on a fast track.  It is time we start reaching out to our community with purpose and urgency because our time is limited.  Answer the call and lets do our part to reach our corner of the world.  Reach out because it is essential! 


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