Gospel Simple and True

Over the course of the past year, I have been doing a good deal of reading on the topic of the Gospel.  What I have come away with is the belief that there are many good resources on the subject and some of which go to extreme lengths to define, describe or explain it.  This is not a complaint against any of these sources or resources but a general observation I have found.  

As I have been contemplating this thought because we have been seeing so many converts come to Christ, I have come to a couple conclusions.  First I am convinced we have done a thorough job of confusing the gospel.  Truly it is not complicated.  It is straight forward.  It is coming to God on His terms.  The only question is, what are His terms?

Listen, I have the ability to think simple thoughts.  I am not complex and if I can get it or understand it anyone can understand it.  For the coming weeks, I am going to be writing about what the gospel is and what does one absolutely need to know if they chose to accept the gospel – in as basic a form as I can.  So here we go and be looking for my thoughts on “The Gospel Simple and True.”



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