Face challenges

I came across a quote from a great philosopher;  before you read the quote understand its simple truth.  We can do nothing until we actually do it!  You know, I have lived the majority of my life thinking thoughts like, “Someday I should…” or “I’d really like to…”  I’ve had a thousand dreams and visions of things I could do but have often found excuses why it wasn’t my time to do them.  While I want to change the world for the kingdom I also realize that is a very lofty goal and one that may not be in my wheelhouse.  Although I may not be able to change the world… can I have an impact on my neighbors by inviting them over for a cookout that I have been intending to do for the last year and a half?  Today the challenge is to face ‘something.’ Just do something today for the kingdom because nothing will ever be changed until it is faced…  Now from the great philosopher…  

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.”

-Lucille Ball


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