Message from Craig Miller about Peace in the Bible

Shalom – general Jewish greeting means ‘peace’

Eirene – means being at rest (relates to the Trinity)

The God of Peace – (Phil. 4:9)

The Prince of Peace (Is. 4:9)

What are types of Peace?

The peace of God (Phil. 4:7)

Peace with God (Ro. 5:1)

The peaceable kingdom

A definition of peace – Total well being, prosperity and security associated with God’s presnce (Is. 32:14-18)

Jesus gives peace (Jm. 14:27)

His farewell (I’m leaving you with peace)

His peace The kind that sleeps through a storm.  That answers Satan.  That walks trough a crowd that want to throw Him off a cliff.  The peace that left Him on a cross.

Peace comes from Him

Peace is His to give

When do we need it?  When we feel helpless, confused, accused, afraid, anxious, out of control.


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