Gatekeeper Happenings

1.  Just finished a new video about the ministry.  We will have it up on the website soon.  2.  We have another individual supporter so that puts us at 87% of our monthly needs.  To God be the glory. 3.  Had a very difficult conversation lately with a friend who has walked away from the faith.  Heartbreak!  4.  We continue working diligently to finish our missions requirements.  Lots to do.  5.  Met with high ranking gov’t official last week only to discover he is a believer.  Wonderful discovery.  6.  I am lining up churches for the fall calendar.  7.  We are heading to Chicago early part of next week.  If you are there let us know:)  8.  Mandi and I have seen more of each other the past two weeks than this entire past school year.  It never slowed down.  9.  Melanie will be moving to Columbus next month as she attends Columbus State University and 10. My parents are coming from FL for a few weeks – so excited!!!


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