Wow – God continues to bless

Remember our April Showers campaign?  Ok, not so hot results however we are at 83% of our support needs and are so thankful for the faithfulness of God.  He keeps supplying our needs!   

I have a prayer every morning: “Lord, let me show up where you want me to show up and to speak to who you want me to speak.”  I tell people that I cannot believe the places I find myself and the people I meet.  Yesterday was one of those days… Steve called to say that my name had come up in various conversations so he decided to look me up, found my contact information and we set up an appointment to talk – at Tim Horton’s.  He is a business coach, networker, entrepreneur and various other things.  Conversation was great and as we were talking at a table next to the register a lady spilled her iced coffee and sat in a chair at our table to clean herself off.  A short conversation reveals that she is in charge of Greene Co. National Day of Prayer and rubs shoulders with politicians… Coincidence or did an angel swipe that coffee out of her hand?  Hmmm… A short while later a man comes up to us and says he heard some of our conversation and that we were obviously passionate about what we are doing.  What are we talking about?  To make a long story short, he worked with Steve Jobs at Apple and is a believer.  The story is too long to go into but….  “Lord, let me show up where you want me to show up and speak with whom You want me to speak.”


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