Boston Tragedy

My heart goes out to the people in Boston. Not only to the families who lost loved ones but also the injured and maimed. Emotions roll from “Not again” to “Anger.” Trying to make sense of it all. It seems these types of attacks, along with shootings, are occurring all too often. I try to make sense of it all and I believe I have come to some directions of conclusions I am leaning toward. 

If we try to make sense of the shootings in CT and other places that are horrific by saying that there needs to be more gun control, when every law was already broken to commit these violent acts then it is logical in this case to have more and broader laws on “pressure cookers” for their destructive nature. Perhaps the makers of pressure cookers should be sued over the evil they can be used for. Maybe they should start a lobbyist group called NPCA (National Pressure Cooker Association) to lobby for the rights of pressure cookers because everyone knows that surely the medal they are made of is evil at the core. 

It seems to me that whenever a void in any part of society, that void is always filled with something else to take its place. In this case it does not seem to be getting much traction that we continue to push God out of our society. Society follows the heart of man. If God is not in the hearts of man – his heart is a very dark place indeed. If God is not in our society – society is a very dark place indeed. Is it so difficult to see that the more we push Goodness out the more it is being replaced with evil? Wake up America. Be a GateKeeper for the cause of all that is True.


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