April Showers Update

We had the wonderful opportunity of being in our first place of ministry this past weekend.  It was where we had our first child, first youth pastorate, first group of family away from family, first hot rod, first…   What a time of reunion it was and we were so blessed!

Along with that they also talked to us about potential support.  I know of three churches that are now in the process of “talking” about us for support and each of them are in a different stage.  We have had a number of individuals say they are also going to support us but are also at different stages of that process.  We have some people who have started supporting us that did not sign up for monthly support but this being the third month in a row will now begin to count as support.  So I cannot tell you exactly where we are percentage wise at this moment but it is growing.  To God be the glory.  

I also have some thoughts as it relates to gatekeepers that I have been mulling over in my mind and how it relates to the church; world; missions at large and will be sharing some of those soon.  Stay tuned.


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