My prayer

Each morning for the last two years I have begun a habit.  During my time of prayer I end by asking the Lord to, “Direct my paths today and let me show up where You want me to show up and meet who You want me to meet.”  

You know what?  I cannot believe the places I show up and I cannot understand why I meet the people I meet.  I used to look for people to influence and have conversations with and might go months without sharing my faith, the gospel, to people who truly did not believe.  Now it seems to happen weekly and sometimes daily.

Through the death of a dearly loved person in our small community I had the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ yesterday at his memorial service.  Here is a man who made a profession of faith as an adult yet by everyone’s account lived a very had lifestyle and just struggled to overcome the (what the Bible calls) flesh.

Were there decisions made for Christ?  None public.  Were there people wrestling with the question of “Why?”  You betcha.  Did anyone ask themselves about the reality of death and eternal life?  I can only say the questions were put out there and along with the questions were the answers God gives us in the Bible.  Was I faithful?  To the best of my ability.

So what do I do today?  Ask, “Lord, let me show up where you want me to show up and meet who you want me to meet.”


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