Unreached people in our back yards

Yesterday as I was talking to a team from Jn. 4, I never realized I strange it sounds when you read about water that you drink that will never make you thirsty again. You should have seen the looks on their faces that says, man this is strange! Better yet was reading to them about the “Fruits of the Spirit” and showing the difference between the flesh that is listed just prior to the fruit. I stopped at ‘Idolitry’ and said, “you know what that is right?” One gentleman said, “Pastor Brian, I don’t know what any of those things are. The rest of the team shook their heads in agreement. The assistant coach came up to me afterwards to say he had just had a serious medical condition that nearly took his life and upon going to a priest he shared that he didn’t know anything about his faith and was uncertain of his eternal state. The priest asked if he had ever attended church or gone to confession to which he replied he hadn’t been to church since a child but had recently gone to confession and the Priest told him, “then you are just fine.” Folks, we have unreached people groups all around us. Step out and see who they are.


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