Welcome to GateKeepers Ministries

Thank you for visiting our site. We are thrilled about this new ministry that God has brought into our lives!

GateKeepers Ministries is a ministry involving sports, politics and business leaders to influence local, national and globally those with influence with the gospel of Christ, in other words Influencing Influencers.

This site will be used to share our hearts and stories as the ministry continues and unfolds.  The stories that can already be told about how God has worked in the lives of individuals is truly amazing, and in fact in some cases unbelievable.  It is simply God being God and we are excited to be used by Him in this way. We are convinced that God is leading us to start this ministry under the umbrella of ABWE.  Working with sports teams, athletes, politicians and business leaders has become a passion in my life over the last couple of years.

We will soon be ending our full-time position at Grace Baptist Church the end of July.  Our hearts are torn as we leave behind the only life we have ever known and have the expectation of a life and ministry not yet known.  Allowing God to direct our paths and to begin the ministry of Gatekeepers and to see Him working in people’s lives the way He has, well it has simply been special.

I have been working the past fifteen years at the Statehouse in Columbus, OH and more recently at Central State University and the Dayton Gems semi pro hockey team.  These are exciting ministries but only a template of what this ministry will become.

We are currently raising support as full-time missionaries to begin the first of August.  Do we experience a nervous spirit?  Well, yes.  Do we worry about whether the support will be there?  Most certainly.  Are we secure in the fact that we have been called to this ministry?  Absolutely.  We are looking for people, perhaps just like you, that will consider coming along side us in this awesome endeavor to reach the world for Christ.

If you are interested in partnering with us financially, please visit the support GateKeepers page. We truly appreciate your financial gifts.


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