Never Look Good

We live our lives trying to climb to the top of the proverbial ladder.  We are never really sure where that is but nonetheless we strive for it.  In fact, in college, when I worked for a large, worldwide company that drives big brown trucks from house to house or business to business, they would blatantly tell us that if we wanted to reach the top we must step on the person in front of us.  That theory did not create a sense of team work or ‘we’re in this thing together’ mentality.

In life, as a man, many desire to be leaders and believe the way to be a leader is to be the one standing in front giving vision, assumptions and direction only to realize those who have the ‘up front’ place is many times the one who is despised and who takes the brunt of jokes or an excuse for all that is wrong in an organization.  So what ensues is talking about the person behind their back and putting them down with the assumption it will make us look better.

I just read a post from a friend and it struck a cord in my mind…  “You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.”  It goes against our natural tendencies but how true it is.  You want to look bitter?  Put someone else down.  You want to look jealous?  Put someone else down.  You want to look small?  Put someone else down.  Want to look weak?  Put someone else down.

Just my thought for the day.

And God Showed Up

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NHL All Star Breakfast

What an incredible and powerful morning the Lord gave us yesterday.  A real line up of former greats of NHL hockey, many of whom were real ‘tough guys’.  They were vulnerable and open as they shared their personal stories of their lives and how the Lord met them where they were.  10 people we know gave their lives to Christ… To God be the glory and you can see pics and videos in this link if you desire.

Gamechanger December 2014 edition


Faith and Family

The Lord gave me the wonderful opportunity of speaking at Faith and Family night where it was estimated about 2,000 people were in attendance.  I shared the wonderful good news of the Gospel and invited people to accept it.  To God be the glory!

Faith & Family


A little different track than I normally post.  This past weekend our good friend Dena stayed at our house while visiting her son Parker, a student at Cedarville University.  Dena and her two children have had to trudge through some deep waters as they lost their husband / father, Patrick McGoldrick a short while ago, nearly two years now.  It was so good catching up with Dena and trying to understand the depths of her loss but not being able to nearly understand the hurt she has suffered and continues to suffer.  Then my former college room-mate Matt Frey and his wife Jolynn visited with us Sunday afternoon and Mandi and I had a wonderful time catching up with our dear college friends.

Ours is the kind friendship that after graduating from college, we all went our separate ways into youth ministry where life doesn’t offer a spare minute.  God has taken us down very separate roads but ours is a life of ministry nonetheless.  Life happens and we did not stay in touch with each other often other than a very occasional visit or running into each other at conferences on an annual basis for a short while.

How is it then that they are still some of our best friends?  How is it that after so much time passes we can pick right back up from where we left off and the depth of conversation is quick, relevant and understood on a soul level?  I don’t have the answers, maybe you do, but I love the results.  Friends…  kind of a special word that brings comfort.

Keep in Prayer

Faith and Family night is something I covet your prayers about.  If you are interested in coming to the game and then the after game festivities, it will be well worth your while.  More than anything I covet your prayers for this event as I share the gospel that it will be clear and the Spirit of God will be working even now for those He desires to hear…  Faith & Family


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