A little different track than I normally post.  This past weekend our good friend Dena stayed at our house while visiting her son Parker, a student at Cedarville University.  Dena and her two children have had to trudge through some deep waters as they lost their husband / father, Patrick McGoldrick a short while ago, nearly two years now.  It was so good catching up with Dena and trying to understand the depths of her loss but not being able to nearly understand the hurt she has suffered and continues to suffer.  Then my former college room-mate Matt Frey and his wife Jolynn visited with us Sunday afternoon and Mandi and I had a wonderful time catching up with our dear college friends.

Ours is the kind friendship that after graduating from college, we all went our separate ways into youth ministry where life doesn’t offer a spare minute.  God has taken us down very separate roads but ours is a life of ministry nonetheless.  Life happens and we did not stay in touch with each other often other than a very occasional visit or running into each other at conferences on an annual basis for a short while.

How is it then that they are still some of our best friends?  How is it that after so much time passes we can pick right back up from where we left off and the depth of conversation is quick, relevant and understood on a soul level?  I don’t have the answers, maybe you do, but I love the results.  Friends…  kind of a special word that brings comfort.

Keep in Prayer

Faith and Family night is something I covet your prayers about.  If you are interested in coming to the game and then the after game festivities, it will be well worth your while.  More than anything I covet your prayers for this event as I share the gospel that it will be clear and the Spirit of God will be working even now for those He desires to hear…  Faith & Family

Faith and Family

Not only has God been so gracious in opening huge doors in the Central State football program and Wilberforce men’s basketball program and the Ohio Statehouse but what is going on with the Columbus Blue Jackets and HMI (Hockey Ministries International) is just staggering.  So we have been given access to the team and can watch them in practice and interact with them on a regular basis.  Our largest hurdle of meeting with the team was getting to the team by having to go through security, etc…  So last week Coach Callan and I had a meeting with the VP of Ticketing at the arena.  What we found was a brother in Christ and someone who has a vested interest in making the Kingdom of Christ known and desires to be a light in a dark culture.  They have Faith and Family night coming up November 15th and he mentioned the speaker they thought they had lined up just had to cancel.  He looks at me and says, “Well you’re the chaplain for the team aren’t you?”  Coach Callan was quick to say, “He’d love to do it!”  So I have the opportunity to share the gospel with thousand that evening and I would covet your prayers.  Please , I would ask that the Spirit be at work as I try to be as faithful with the gospel as I know how.

NHL All Star Breakfast

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I have been asked to coordinate a major outreach event in Columbus January 24th as the NHL is bringing the All Star Game to town and we have a number of former All Stars and current All Stars who have placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and who desire to share their story with the world.  Take a look!


My wife sent me this link weeks ago but I just got around to viewing it.  Judah Smith puts Barabbas in a way I have never viewed him before and that is…. ME.

August Update. To God be the Glory


CSU @ Scioto Hills day 4

Day 4 is a continuation of Day 3.  In my effort to be timely in posting what happened the evening of Day 3 I was not aware that the Spirit of God was still in the process of drawing more of these athletes to His Son, Jesus Christ.  

Here is what I know as of now; after we were done praying with 22 guys, according to our count, one young man pulled me aside who has some deep personal issues he is wrestling with and I met with him the better part of 45 minutes with several others waiting to speak with me about things going on in their lives.  What I did not know until 11:30 pm when I got back to the cabin was that Coach Callan had met with another five guys who prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.  Can you believe that?  The level of interest was just so real and moving and the hearts of the fella’s so tender toward spiritual things that it was amazing.  

So you might think that is the rest of the story but it is not.  This morning at 6:00 am practice on the field, one young man pulled me aside and shared with me what happened after he eventually made it back to the cabin.  He said his cabin mates were waiting for him to arrive to ask him what we were talking about as we were all on the deck and I shared the gospel with them and we all prayed together.  He said he told them everything we had spoken of and showed them the verses I had used with them in the Bible like Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:9-12, etc… and he said many of them said they had never asked God to forgive them of their sins nor given their lives completely to Him and they wanted to do that as well.  So this young man excitedly told me they prayed together in the cabin because more wanted to give their lives to Christ.  He also told me the same thing happened in another cabin..

Folks, I have no idea how many people have prayed to accept Christ in their lives.  All I know is the lid is off and Coach Callan and I are trying to figure out where to pick up and begin as it is so difficult in the midst of a football season.  I don’t know what else to share because my emotions are so high and again I simply do not have the words to express the goodness of God.  The only phrase that comes to mind is one that is said time and time again at Scioto Hills camp; “To God be the Glory!!”

Conclusion of the final practice and a huge cheer

Conclusion of the final practice and a huge cheer

Don and I with CSU coaching staff and head trainer

Don and I with CSU coaching staff and head trainer

waiting to eat and getting off their feet

waiting to eat and getting off their feet

Doing walk thrus in the parking lot

Doing walk thrus in the parking lot

Heading into the wood for team building time.  One young man said, "I ain't going in there.  I'm scared!"

Heading into the wood for team building time. One young man said, “I ain’t going in there. I’m scared!”

Scott Bruns, the camp director, leading in a team building exercise.  You can see the little guy gets it (this is Keenon)

Scott Bruns, the camp director, leading in a team building exercise. You can see the little guy gets it (this is Keenon)

Team building event

Team building event


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